UltraEdit Text Editor

Here's my favorite text editor at the moment:  Ian D. Mead's UltraEdit.


Courier Email This is the email program I'm using:  Courier Email.  I like it because it did the best job of downloading the email header list only (I get hundreds of UNIX emails per day,) and keeping the inbox list in synch with my UNIX POP server even when I used several different email clients from different locations.  GREAT NEWS:  Rose City Software has picked up support for this product from the previous version called Calypso by MCS.  They released the first new version in two years!



My favorite print utility:  Peter Lerup's PrintFile
Great for printing PostScript or PCL files directly to your printer, or formatting text files to print pretty.


Join the fight. Join the grid! Grid.org Cancer Research

Volunteer Your PC For The Fight AGainst Cancer
Make your screen saver do something useful!
The University of Oxford has teamed up with distributed computing software pioneer United Devices and Grid.org to create a peer-to-peer networked virtual supercomputer searching for new drugs to treat leukemia and other cancers.  You can put the your PC's idle time to good use, and the screen saver looks great, too.



TaskPlus and ContactPlus

Excellent Calendar Program:  Taskplus.
The free version is full featured and the ads are very unobtrusive.


AVG AntiVirus

Free Anti-Virus Software:  AVG AntiVirus
I got sick of the pop-up ads from McAfee and of paying Norton every year.


Langa List Newsletter

My favorite email newsletter, the Langa List.  Fred Langa publishes refreshingly honest info and advice about PC's, operating systems and software.  The standard version is free (that's what I get,) and there's a Plus edition for paid subscribers.



Index DOT Html My favorite online HTML reference guide:  Brian Wilson's Index DOT Html.  Click on the Element Index link for the HTML tag reference pages.  Also a great reference for Cascading Style Sheets and other web authoring info.


Over 14,000 Calculators On-Line.  Part of Jim Martindale's "The Reference Desk," a large collection of links to useful, often fascinating, and fun information covering technical, scientific, international, educational, and social topics of all kinds.

www-sci.lib.uci.edu/ HSG/RefCalculators.html

www-sci.lib.uci.edu/ HSG/Ref.html

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Essential software for every web browserAdobe Acrobat Reader
Note: the download is between 8.8 amd 10 meg. Crikey!

www.adobe.com/products/ acrobat/readstep.html


The Classic Zip UtilityWinZip


Kurt's DHTML Javascript

A fun and interesting collection of Javascript doodles:  Kurt Grigg's DHTML Javascript.  This is where I got the Mouse Comet effect (click to start it spinning again.)  His scripts are good, especially with geometry and trigonometry.  He also has a Java Applets site that includes some free games and utilities.

www.btinternet.com/ ~kurt.grigg/javascript/

freespace.virgin.net/ kurt.grigg/


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